🔴 Watch Carey Mulligan In Promising Young Woman (2020)

watch carey mulligan in promising young woman (2020)
  • watch carey mulligan in promising young woman (2020)
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  • Promising Young Woman is the directorial debut of actor and writer Emerald Fennell, who between playing Camilla on The Crown and showrunning Killing Eve season two, has been positioned as a possible next big thing. The film isn’t in danger of dissipating that hype. Fennell’s got a flair for coating incendiary subject matter with a sugar shell of hyperfemininity, an aesthetic sense that encompasses everything from her heroine’s enviable Easter-hued manicure to the cupcake-laden display at the coffee shop where she works. Cassie’s styling evokes an Instagram celeb-ready softness, the camera at one point gliding admiringly up her back to take in her high-waisted jeans, floral top, and tendril braid as she leans over the counter reading a book during a slow stretch. She’s not at all approachable, but she’s fluent in how to present herself as such in sometimes disturbing ways — like when she follows a makeup tutorial for “blow-job lips” and then strategically smears the result to make it look hours into a sloppy night. She weaponizes her blonde, white delicacy, though that blonde, white delicacy is also an unacknowledged quality enabling the film’s premise. Cassie repeatedly puts herself in the proximity of angry strangers who don’t appear inclined to do more than throw her out.


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