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watch drama kristen stewart in seberg (2019) full movie 2020 4k streaming free access
  • watch drama kristen stewart in seberg (2019) full movie 2020 4k streaming free access
  • 42 views . 2020-03-10 15:01:33 . forrest . 12 hour, 42 minute, 44 second ago
  • I’ve read many reviews of this film, and agree with some of the opinions (good and bad). For me, though, this is a very powerful film. Stewart does an excellent job of capturing Seberg’s essence. If the film were merely a fictional thriller, it would be immensely entertaining, but it is based on real events (though a dramatic license or two were taken). You walk away with a couple of thoughts... First, how Jean Seberg was used, persecuted and slandered to the point of allegedly taking her own life, and second, how Hoover and his FBI did similar things to so many through COINTELPRO. Reputations and lives ruined. I recommend the film and plan to see it again, though throughout wishing that Ms. Seberg were still with us.


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