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watch fantastic robin weigert in deadwood (2019) full movie free
  • watch fantastic robin weigert in deadwood (2019) full movie free
  • 188 views . 2020-03-11 05:34:35 . darrylle . 1 day, 10 hour, 48 minute, 7 second ago
  • I am a very big fan of this show. Watched the series entirely, numerous times over the many years since it aired. My wife and I have even been to the town of Deadwood, which was a truly amazing experience. I read the press releases, tweets etc as the whole movie project unfolded so I had an idea of what to expect and what not. I was completely thrilled. Now, already having watched the movie twice, even with my solid preparedness, this story got me welled up. Quite an emotional hit for me. After thirteen years, to see these master actors back in their iconic roles was truly astonishing. In a nutshell, the movie truncates a story line (much like my review) that weaves in the history of the series and each primary character's relationship with one another. There are satisfying moments and good wrap-up endings, or perhaps suitable outlooks to the primary characters. With the constraints of only a two-hour movie the producers et al had to contend with, you appreciate the marvelous job this turned out to be. If I had to offer any criticism of the movie, I would say after having a very personal adoration for Ian McShane's character Al Swearengen, I really hoped to see Al in his former glory. I wanted him to be his formidable self, or at least mostly. I wanted to hear him speak some further wonders as in the series. This was a very big heartbreak for me even though I knew something of this nature was coming. It was in one word, sad. I will say this movie overall leaves you wanting much more. But for what they did give us, a big thanks is in order and I truly wish Mr. Milch the very best. He has given us an unforgettable, indelible legacy. I can just see Al now, close to my person and looking away, saying "he wants me to tell him something pretty".


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