🔴 Watch Fantastic Zachary Levi And Jack Dylan Grazer In Shazam! (2019) Full Movie Online Free 4k

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watch fantastic zachary levi and jack dylan grazer in shazam! (2019) full movie online free 4k
  • watch fantastic zachary levi and jack dylan grazer in shazam! (2019) full movie online free 4k
  • 282 views . 2020-03-11 05:49:59 . denvere . 5 hour, 43 minute, 54 second ago
  • F-U-N fully arrives in the DCEU with SHAZAM! Although a few dark moments occur, these occur naturally, unliked the forced pseudo-nihilism of the Zack Snyder vision. The sheer joy and wish fulfillment of being a superhero are the primary mood & theme here. Billy Batson discovers the unbridled thrill of super-powers, all with the single utterance of a magic word! Asher Angel updates Batson without compromising what defined this endearing character over the decades. Zachary Levi perfectly embodies the unlikely juxtaposition of godly might and childlike awe. Despite never sharing screen time, Angel & Levi still pair nicely as the Billy/Captain Marvel combo. The supporting casting works, too, especially with the superb young actor, Jack Dylan Grazer, playing Freddy Freeman! The foster family who take in Billy nicely round out his cast, especially with the adorable Darla and snarky know-it-all, Eugene. Mark Strong plays Thaddeus Sivana, the OTHER arch-nemesis traditionally associated with the SHAZAM franchise. Unlike the snickering mad scientist seen in the cartoons, Strong’s Sivana skews darker as an imposing rival for Billy’s power, fueled by the “Seven Enemies of Man” (the Seven Deadly Sins for the casual fans). He’s more “Sabbac” than “Geeky Mad Scientist” for this version. I appreciated the menace that wafted off Mark Strong, reinforced by an outfit and demeanor subtly referencing another Shazam villain, Captain Nazi. It’s breezy at times, but strong overall for the heart and enthusiasm. Considering the dirge of the Snyder Superman entries, it seems possible that Captain Marvel/Shazam might become more popular among DCEU fandom, just as he was arguably more popular in his comic book prime of the 1940’s. Following the breakthrough of the powerhouse WONDER WOMAN, and the box office success of AQUAMAN, perhaps SHAZAM signals the cinematic equivalent of the Golden Age of comics that first introduced these beloved heroes to the world?


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