God of Thunder (2015) by Thomas Shapiro

  • Year: 2015
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God of Thunder (2015)
  • god of thunder (2015) by thomas shapiro: I was very surprised and intrigued by this movie. It starts fast and you have to try to catch up and understand what is happening. It is very intriguing and like others said, the acting is quite good for a bunch of unknown actors. The movie takes you through many different stages and it is keeping the pace most of the times. One movie without too much of "let's- make-out-while-we-are-chased-by-death" scene that Hollywood seem to like so much; they have to keep their moronic audiences awaken! Give some money to the producer, give him access to excellent CGI and that movie would beat any holly-flick on the shelves. It is too bad that it might go under the carpet because of those big names movies that are such a waste of time for real movie amateurs. This movie is Sci-Fi for real. I loved it and I wish their was a follow-up...the premises are all there... I you like fiction, fantasy and good stories, watch this one, you will not regret it. If you are a Hollywood freak, just go watch the purge or some other Illuminati's flicks and just die watching them.
  • Cast/Stars: Max Aria, Jacqui Holland, Preston James Hillier
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy
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