Doing Money by Lynsey Miller

  • Year: 2018
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Doing Money
  • doing money by lynsey miller: The story of Ana, a young Romanian woman, kidnapped and sold into a human trafficking ring. I've just watched this powerful dramatisation of a true case of modern day sex slavery in the UK and Ireland. Unfortunately it is not a rare event. It can occur under the noses of people living in apartments or homes who may not be aware of what is going on next door to them. Anca Dumitra plays a young Romanian woman, Ana, who is kidnapped in London and forced into sex slavery with the threat that if she doesn't comply with her abductors her mother will be killed. With two other young women she is moved around to different locations. This is a powerful story which should awaken a desire in people to know what is really happening in their neighbourhood. Anca plays the part with such conviction that we feel affected when her humanity is being slowly taken from her by vile cowards.
  • Cast/Stars: Dragos Bucur, Turlough Convery, Sergiu Costache
  • Genre: Crime , Drama
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