Game of Thrones Season 6 Blood of My Blood by Jack Bender

  • Year: 2016
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Game of Thrones Season 6 Blood of My Blood
  • game of thrones season 6 blood of my blood by jack bender: The white walkers reach Meera and Bran but they are saved in the last minute by a mysterious black rider who turns out to be Benjen Stark. Sam and Gilly arrive at Horn Hill, where Sam introduces Gilly and Crastor's son to his family. Defending Sam, Gilly confesses that she is a wildling, which is appalling to Randyll. Nevertheless, Randyll accepts the baby into his home. However, Sam changes his mind in the last moment and decides to take Gilly, the baby as well as the Valyrian sword of his father with him and leave his home for good. King Tommen is allowed to see Queen Margery. Instead of killing the actress playing Cersei by poisoning her, Arya recovers her Needle and makes different plans. Jaime and the Tyrell army march into King's Landing, trying to stop Margery's planned walk of shame but the High Sparrow already thought this event through, making sure he will succeed in the end by manipulating King Tommen to take his side. As a result, Tommen fires his father from his job as ... Written by Andreea D A beautiful episode transition. Great development of Sam arches, Arya and Daenerys. Although King's Landing has been anticlimactic, it demonstrated the ability of articulation and great strategic thinking of the High Sparrow, always masterfully played by Jonathan Pryce. Arya realize the injustice practiced by faceless men, and decides finally resume his Stark identity represented by the needle. Sam can, after two decades, to empower and make a decision that will influence your life, Gilly and baby. After so much suffering faced by Stark, it is strange to see that one of them survived. Oh, Walder Frey, and want you to die. Jaime seem to really regressed as a character and again turned marionette Cersei. And as icing on the cake, a small number of Bran views and a great scene of Daenerys.
  • Cast/Stars: Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Lena Headey, Emilia Clarke
  • Genre: Action , Adventure , Drama
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