One Piece Episode 802: An Angry Sanji - The Secret of Germa 66

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One Piece Episode 802: An Angry Sanji - The Secret of Germa 66
  • one piece episode 802: an angry sanji - the secret of germa 66 by : As one of Cracker's Biscuit Soldiers prepares to attack the weakened and exhausted Luffy, King Baum suddenly comes in and kicks the soldier away with a root, apologizing to it as Nami is having him attack against his will. Nami orders the other homies to bring Luffy inside King Baum's mouth, leaving them with no other choice due to holding the power of Big Mom's Vivre Card over them. As this happens, Cracker learns Luffy's location, and he heads there as he creates some more Biscuit Soldiers to back him up. Luffy is brought in to rest, and he reveals to Nami that he needs ten minutes to get his Haki back. The Biscuit Soldier then catches up to and chases after the Straw Hats, forcing Nami to have her homie entourage run away. However, she orders some of them to attack the soldier, under the impression that it is Cracker, and the homies are flabbergasted. They are forced to obey her command, but barely do anything before the soldier easily destroys them, and King Baum encourages Nami to give up out of futility, but she refuses. King Baum then runs into the end, and can do little other than gaze in fear as he and the other homies sense Cracker approaching them. Cracker's presence withers away all of the nearby homies, and he finally reaches the clearing where King Baum is. When he sees the tree homie carrying Nami, he expresses disbelief with him. Nami wonders who he is, and the homies reveal that this is Cracker's real body, to her shock. King Baum reveals that he is being forced to obey Nami against his will, but Cracker has none of it, and as his presence withers away all the other homies in the area, he takes Pretzel and slices off the top of King Baum, removing most of his foliage.

    In the Mirro-World, Brûlée expresses her anger at Nami for subduing her with a lightning bolt as she prowls around while nursing her wounds. While intent on getting her revenge, she first decides to go after Chopper and Carrot, who are still trapped in here. Meanwhile, Chopper and Carrot think they see Sanji from one of the mirrors, but find out that he has a completely different face, and frighten him as they call out from inside the mirror. They keep pressing on in their search for Sanji's location, but become frozen in fear when they see Big Mom herself on the opposite side of a mirror. Big Mom is very excited, and Eggplant Soldier and another guard note that part of it is because the Vinsmokes are coming from the Germa Kingdom to meet her for lunch. Having overheard this conversation, Chopper and Carrot look for mirrors to the Germa Kingdom.

    In the Germa Kingdom, Cosette walks through the corridors, and keeps thinking of Sanji. However, she is suddenly approached by Niji, who gleefully readies his fist. Later, Sanji walks into the room, and drops his cigarette in shock as he sees Cosette's beaten body. He calls for doctors, and Yonji appears from around the corner, stating that Cosette deserved this for being treated higher than her status allows. He says that it was obviously Niji who did it, and offers to take Sanji to him; Sanji complies. Yonji takes Sanji down to the lowest levels, and opens a large door to a room that they were not allowed to go in as kids. The two enter the room, and Sanji gapes in shock as he sees identical Germa 66 soldiers in giant test tubes. Yonji reveals that this is where Germa's soldiers come from; they are the results of experiments performed by their father Judge and Dr. Vegapunk before they were born. The two scientists had unlocked the human Lineage Factor and used it to pioneer cloning research, but this activity was forbidden by the World Government, causing them to arrest Vegapunk and forcing Judge to continue performing the research in the secret. Now, it has borne them an army of strong clones who do not know their origins, never go against their masters, and will reach adulthood within five years. Sanji is utterly appalled by this inhumanity, and struggles to light a cigarette to calm himself down. As this happens, Ichiji and Niji come into the room, and they express their disappointment that Sanji's actions were not at the level they had hoped for. However, when he sees Niji, Sanji focuses entirely on his brother's actions towards Cosette and angrily kicks him in the face, appalling Ichiji and Yonji.

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