One Piece Episode 769: A Red Stone! A Guide to the ‘One Piece

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One Piece Episode 769: A Red Stone! A Guide to the ‘One Piece
  • one piece episode 769: a red stone! a guide to the ‘one piece by : Nekomamushi apologizes to Raizo for lying to him and trapping him here for his protection, and Raizo then sees Kin'emon, Kanjuro, and Momonosuke coming down the stairs. The four Wano Country natives happily reunite, and Raizo is released from his chains by his comrades. Robin, Nami, and Brook then reach the bottom of the stairs, and they look in awe at the Kozuki Family crest on the wall and the giant red poneglyph in the center. Robin asks Inuarashi and Nekomamushi for permission to read it, which they grant her. Robin recalls studying the poneglyphs on Ohara before its destruction, and notes that this poneglyph's red color is much different from every other poneglyph she has read, which were all blue. Inuarashi replies that this poneglyph has a different purpose.

    Meanwhile, Raizo is perturbed by Luffy, Usopp, and Chopper for staring at him intently, and the three Straw Hats tell him to perform various ninja arts and act like a stereotypical ninja. Raizo is confused as to why they want to see that, and Franky replies that all men love ninjas. Raizo is smitten by this praise, and Franky, Zoro, and Law join in on asking him to perform ninja arts, but he plainly tells them that ninja do not act like the pirates have imagined and they do not perform their skills for show. This causes the Straw Hats to sulk in disappointment, and Raizo is eventually moved, causing him to use Enton no Jutsu and disappear before reappearing behind Usopp. Raizo then uses Bunshin no Jutsu to make clones of himself, and Kawarimi no Jutsu to escape from Luffy's grasp. He runs on the ceiling and uses his Hana Shuriken to form the kanji for shinobi on the wall, and he concludes his performance, causing the male Straw Hats to be in glee and awe. Aterwards, the male Straw Hats and the samurai take Raizo outside, where they see the destroyed Kurau City from atop the Whale Tree. Raizo and the samurai burst into tears for the destroyed city, with Raizo remembering it as a bustling town before the attack. Raizo curses the minks for taking rash actions to protect him, and vows to avenge them as best he can.

    Nekomamushi then appears and calls the pirates and samurai back in, revealing that the red poneglyph has been translated. Inside the Whale Tree, Nami notes that the text Robin translated is nautical coordinates that she can pinpoint the location of on a chart. Inuarashi reveals that this is a Road Poneglyph, which will guide people to the end of the Grand Line. The Whale Forest is considered sacred and is heavily protected for this very reason. The Straw Hats assume that this means the Road Poneglyph leads them to Raftel, but Inuarashi corrects them, saying that there are actually four Road Poneglyphs. Each of them reveal the coordinates of an island, and when all four of these islands are found, one can connect them and finally locate Raftel and find the One Piece. The Straw Hats become extremely excited to hear about something relating to their final goal.

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