One Piece Episode 734: To Be Free! Dressrosa's Delight!

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One Piece Episode 734: To Be Free! Dressrosa's Delight!
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    The citizens of Dressrosa run away from the parts of the city sent flying by Doflamingo's impact with the ground, and Rebecca stares up at Luffy in awe. She remembers meeting Luffy in the Corrida Colosseum by the statue of Kyros and later revealing her intention to kill Doflamingo at the prisoner gladiators' cell. Next to her, Viola remembers submitting herself to Doflamingo ten years ago in order to save her father's life, and when the Straw Hats came to Dressrosa ten years later, she told him that she would trust in the Straw Hats despite them being pirates. Luffy's Gear Fourth form wears off, with the exhaled air blowing him all over the place. Law switches Luffy out with a rock, teleporting the pirate to his location. Viola and Rebecca are relieved to see that Luffy is fine.

    In the underground harbor, a defeated Doflamingo lies motionless on the ground, with his shattered sunglasses next to him. The citizens of Dressrosa notice that no one is in the air anymore, and they tell Gatz to announce the winner. Gatz picks up his Den Den Mushi despite his attendants telling him not to exert himself, and tells everyone to look up. They see in amazement that the Birdcage is disappearing from the tip downward, and Gatz asks if they are seeing their freeedom from the Birdcage or from Doflamingo's domination. Two men remember being forced to work as toys in the underground harbor, and another remembers his girlfriend not recognizing him after he was turned into a toy. The Birdcage disappears completely, causing the people pushing it (except Nico Robin, Fujitora, and the Marines) to fall forward. Giving a final push, the dwarves cause the SMILE Factory to topple over. The combatants look up in wonder at the sun emerging through the nonexistent cage.

    Gatz gives his audience the details of the battle and the combatants on both sides, but struggles through his tears to announce the winner. Riku Dold III remembers Doflamingo tricking the people and usurping the throne ten years ago and begins to cry, much like Rebecca who cries onto Luffy's face as she remembers Luffy's promise to save Kyros and defeat Doflamingo. Finally, Gatz proclaims that the winner is Luffy, causing everyone on Dressrosa to cheer. As he embraces the Tontattas, Franky remembers how they and Kyros were working to expose Doflamingo's secret agendas and bring down the Shichibukai. As this goes on, Kyros heads off, remembering how he lost his leg and was turned into a toy, causing everyone he loved to forget about him and preventing him from feeling Scarlett's warmth as she died. After being unable to cry for ten years as a toy, Kyros bawls as the people rejoice and cry among the rubble despite their country having collapsed.

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