One Piece Episode 563: Shocking Truth! Hody's True Identity!

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One Piece Episode 563: Shocking Truth! Hody's True Identity!
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    Sanji and Jinbe continue to attack Wadatsumi and hurt him. Angry, Wadatsumi breathes in and expands his stomach, calling himself "Mega Monk", becoming even larger than before. Sanji asks if that had a point, saying the kraken is still bigger than him. This angers Wadatsumi and he expands even more, crushing everything within range. Sanji is still unimpressed, and Wadatsumi is about to expand again.

    The Minister of the Left and some soldiers approach the place where Neptune is resting. The minister apologizes, saying they have let him down. Neptune mentions that if Noah hits the island, it would be just as it was written. The Minister of the Left tells Neptune about the evacuation and encourages the king to leave as well. Neptune says the orders are fine but he will stay and wait for the princes.

    At Gyoncorde Plaza, the Minister of the Right and more troops are surveying the battle from the perimeter of the plaza, confused as to why there are so many pirates. Some bystanders get him up to speed about what happened before he arrived. The Minister of the Right orders the Neptune Army to back up the Straw Hat Pirates in the plaza, saying the country's honor would be shattered if they were backed up solely by a gang of pirates. The arrival of the army does not intimidate the New Fishman Pirates at all. Hammond then arrives, riding something he calls his slave tank, essentially a large rickshaw with cannons, pulled by human slaves. One of the slaves falls over exhausted and Hammond just says to leave him. Jinbe asks Robin to free the slaves, saying he cannot sit back and watch Hody copy the World Nobles. She frees the slaves and as Hammond attacks her, she was just a clone and grows two clones of herself and uses a Double Clutch and breaks Hammond's back. The human slaves state they owe her and revolt against the New Fishman Pirates.

    As the battle rages on, the Minister of the Left receives a call on a baby Den Den Mushi from the border defense. The border defense informs the minister that Noah is once again on a collision course for the island. The Minister of the Left tells the person to tell the whole island, using the nationwide broadcast. They make the announcement and people start fleeing. Nami is shocked to see Noah coming back, and Jinbe wonders if Shirahoshi and Luffy are safe. The man from the Air Tank then talks to Luffy, and their conversation is picked up on other channels. Bits of a conversation between Luffy and Shirahoshi are heard. All over the island, people are surprised at what they are hearing. Luffy is attempting to do something to stop Noah. Then Fukaboshi's voice is heard through broadcast system. He tells Luffy what Hody Jones really is.

    Fukaboshi tells Luffy, as well as the rest of the island, that Hody is a monster born from their environment. The New Fishman Pirates are a group that thrive on hatred and resentment. They hate in order to forget the pain of those who came before them. They also fear that the anger and hate toward humans may one day fade away. There is then a flashback to when Fukaboshi asked Hody what happened to him to make him hate humans so much. The answer that Hody had only been seen mouthing earlier was a single word: "Nothing". Hody goes on to say that the fishmen were chosen by heaven to hand down judgment on humanity. Fukaboshi then says that the New Fishman Pirates' hatred lacks personal experience and will. They are just empty beings with no substance what so ever and their hatred is completely empty. Hody begins to laugh maniacally and with blood-shot eyes he charges at Luffy and Shirahoshi.

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